Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blue (Da Ba De)

Today was an exciting day for me!

A couple weeks ago I had a little trouble with my car & it's been in the shop for 2 weeks.
I love going around town in my little SUV so it was so exciting to pick her up today!
I don't know about you guys but my family always had fun little names for our cars. That's why when I got my little Rav4 last year I named her "Sasha". As it turns out, after all the trouble she's had the past couple weeks in the shop, her name "Sasha Fierce" suits her perfectly!!

I wore this little blue maxi dress for the occasion.
Here's a few pictures from my day!

I've always loved the idea of dressing up for any occasion!
This maxi dress has been nestled in my closet for a while now and I thought there was no better time to break it out than to wear it to pick up my car!
I love the vibe of this dress. It's a very relaxed maxi that I would love to pair with a margarita on the beach soon. I truly love the beach and I'm eager to get back there!
You might have also noticed a little Alex & Ani action on my wrist.
I've had my eye on these bracelets for a while and my roomies got me this one for my birthday :)
It was such a fun day today getting to drive around my car in this cute little dress!
Oh! And not to forget my Jack Rogers! #LoveMyJacks

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P.S. I hope you all enjoyed the reference to a song we all know & love from the '90s in my title
Song Title: Blue (Da Ba De) Artist: Eiffel 65

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