Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fringe + Tassels

Pretty in Pink

Congratulations! You all made it past the Monday blues.

With all of this beautiful weather outside, I hope you all are making the most of the week! I always find that dressing in colorful colors brings out the brightest mood in everyone. Pink and turquoise are my favorites during the summertime. Below are a few pictures of a favorite summer combo of mine! 

A little fringe a tassel action never hurt an outfit, right? I love adding little accents like that. It's all in the little things. 

Is anyone else completely shocked that it's almost the end of July and soon to be the beginning of August? There's only a few days left in July 2014! Make the absolute most of it. Find something that makes you fall in love with your life a little bit more this week. Chase that feeling to finish July strong & start August with a bang.

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