Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Parisian Couture

Paris Fashion Week

In honor of Paris fashion week (and all of it's glory), I've put together a handful of my fashion pictures from Paris. This isn't my ordinary post of #OOTDs. I decided to share with you all a couple of my favorite fashion landmarks. Check it out below!

< Champs-Élysées >

< Louis Vuitton >

< Louis Vuitton >

< Hermes >

< Our apartment rooftop >

Musée Galliera >

< Eiffel Tower > 

< Givenchy >

< Givenchy >

< Kim Kardashian West + Kris Jenner's version of my Givenchy picture ;) >

< Yves Saint Laurent >

Funny story about my little comparison of Kim K's Givenchy picture to mine...
When we were in Paris, my step mom and I were shopping around and stumbled upon Givenchy! It was so exciting to have stumbled upon such an iconic brand. As we were walking into (what we thought was the store), we were greeted by a front desk clerk. Turns out, we had stumbled right into Givenchy's headquarters. If only they had let us up to explore all of the amazing couture...

Have you all traveled overseas to Europe?
What are some of your favorite cities?
My trip to Paris was my first endeavor into the European culture and I cannot wait to get a taste of more! I wish I had the opportunity to travel to Europe before this past spring. I definitely would have taken a summer to study abroad to explore more!

Until I'm in Europe or Paris next at least I'll have these amazing memories to make me smile!

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