Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cape Cod (Kwassa Kwassa)

Even before KJP + Sarah made Cape Cod cool, I've been in love.

You're just a ferry ride away from Martha's Vineyard + Nantucket. 
What could be better?

I visited this gorgeous peninsula about a year and a half ago and I already can't wait to get back. The place is surrounded with history. Walking the streets all I could think about was... JFK and Jackie walked these same roads and possibly ate at this same restaurant. How much greater can it get? It's just such an awesome experience, you guys. If you've never been, book your flight NOW! Be spontaneous!

No, but really you have to see it. 

Check out a few of my snapshots from the trip below.

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If I ever were to buy a house in Cape Cod, this would be the one...

Vineyard Vines ON Martha's Vineyard. 

Is your flight booked yet? ;-)

The next time I go, I want to spend more time on Martha's Vineyard and venture over to Nantucket. My boyfriend and I weren't there long enough to explore everything on this trip. I wish we had an infinite amount of time to explore though! Words truly can't explain the sights there are to see. It's just so intoxicating to walk the streets and see everything there is to see there. 

When are we booking our next flight again, Nicholas?!

While we were there, we stayed at The Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club. If you've actually just booked your flight, book a couple of nights at this resort. It's perfect. I'm not just saying that. The first night we were there, we ate dinner at Bayzo's Pub on site. We dined on clam chowder and lobster rolls while sipping champagne. The layout of the pub was so relaxing. Check it out if you're ever in the area out there! It actually was such a perfect place to stay while we were there. Just ask Proper Kid Problems. Doesn't he make croquet look so fun? Considering how un-coordinated I am, you could catch me sipping on a yummy cocktail cheering from the sidelines :-). 

Check out a quick snapshot I took while staying there:

I hope you all enjoyed my love of reminiscing about travel as much as I did! Isn't that the best part about traveling? Reminiscing? 

What are some of your all's favorite travel destinations? I would love to hear!

Did you guess the song in the title?
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend
If (by some chance) you've never heard it, GO LISTEN NOW!

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