Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Top 5 Worth the Splurge Items

Classic Handbag

I am guilty of splurging on a purchase then 2 months down the road, I'm completely sick of it and want something new. Enter the classic handbag. This past November I purchased a beautiful Ralph Lauren handbag that is displayed all over my Instagram and blog. This bag has lasted through now and there is no end in sight! I may have to give it up for a few months for a more summer/spring appropriate handbag but you will definitely see this classic handbag again ;-). Whatever your budget, make room for one of these amazing bags in your near future.
Staple Ring

Acquiring lots of statement rings can get expensive, am I right?! If you invest in a ring that can be utilized in any outfit, that can cut your cost in rings. If it's something that you'll always have around and classic enough to wear at any time, how could you go wrong? 

Nude Pumps

Snakeskin and leopard are some of my favorite prints to wear at any time of day. With that being said, it isn't always appropriate to pair pattern on pattern if you're in the workplace. Save that trendy look for the weekend or happy hour with girlfriends! My advice is invest in a sturdy pair of nude pumps that you can wear with nearly anything. There are very few things that don't match a good nude pump. 100% justified purchase.
Pair of Designer Jeans

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that one of my favorite stores to shop at is TJ Maxx. All of the trendy tops they have are my own personal weakness. I, like you all, don't want what I wear to look cheap or poorly made though! Therefore, my advice is to pair your favorite trendy tops with a nice pair of jeans. This makes a pair of designer jeans a must have for any wardrobe! Trust me, ladies. It's worth the investment.
Gold/Silver Watch

When you're trying to throw an outfit together sometimes the most difficult part is pairing that perfect outfit with your accessories. If we're being honest, the outfit isn't complete without a little shimmer, right? Not for me at least! Having a watch that has both gold and silver details makes getting ready for the day that much easier. It's definitely worth investing in a nicer gold/silver watch in order to make sure it holds up against the test of time.

Kate Spade New York Gramercy Grand Bracelet Watchicon // Michael Kors 'The Ritz' Chronograph Bracelet Watch

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