Friday, March 27, 2015

Blogger Profile: Katey McFarlan

I first came across little Miss Chronicles of Frivolity on the "popular in your network" Instagram tab. 

Ever since, she has been such an inspiration to me. Recently I had the honor of asking Katey some questions that I think we all are wanting to know! From her beautiful home décor to her heart of gold, Katey brings such a unique and inspiring addition to the world of style blogging. This lady is going places and you need to follow her today {if you aren't already}.

@kateymcfarlan - Instagram
Chronicles of Frivolity

What is the one item in your closet that will go to your grave with you? This can be clothing, shoes, handbags or jewelry.
My Clare V. leopard clutch! I purchased it when I had just started dating my fiance’ and it holds so many memories from special date nights. It’s timeless with the print and large enough to fit everything you need!

So far in your blogging career, what is the one thing you are most proud of?

I talk about my faith a lot, so anytime a girl e-mails me that my blog made her feel comfortable to join a bible study I’m definitely the most proud of what the blog has done. On the surface Chronicles of Frivolity is filled with outfits and makeup reviews, but I ultimately just want girls to feel comfortable and confident in who they are as women.

Do you have an outfit that you’ve worn in life that has a special memory?
Anytime I pair a midi skirt with a crop top it becomes my favorite look! It’s one party girly, one party edgy, which is the theory I try to incorporate in my wardrobe. I do this so that 4 hours into an outfit I’m not thinking, “Ahh I want to go home and change!” This look is my favorite and we actually planned my bridesmaid luncheon around the look, so while I haven’t made the memories yet it’s been so much fun inspiring the décor.

You often refer to childhood memories of makeup shopping with your mom. What is the one item of makeup you just can’t live without?
My Edward Bess lip palette is a game changer. My girlfriends all make fun of me for it because after dinner I whip out this massive palette to put on my lipstick. The pinks all have a “lilac” undertone, which is my favorite.  They are sold out everywhere so I actually have to put mine away so that I can wear it on my wedding day, and this feels like I’m going into rehab or something!

How many hours per day do you spend specifically on your blog? (i.e. taking photos, editing photos, writing the blog post, editing the post, etc.)
Blogging has become my full-time job and with it my days are so different. I typically get up around 6:30 have a morning filled with meetings, try to shoot and then am writing until the evening. I will say there isn’t a day a week I’m not doing something blog related, and I’m trying to get better about it. Ideally I’d love to have my weekends just be my weekends, but I absolutely love what I do so I definitely blur the lines between work and play!

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