Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WCW: Gigi Hadid

Who could say a negative thing about sweet little Gigi Hadid
Especially not about her amazing style!

Whether it's the streets of NYC, her hometown of Beverly Hills, or the streets of Paris during Fashion Week, she stuns at all times and all locations. She's a young woman of many looks.

When she's hitting the streets of Manhattan, relaxed tees and jeans paired with a simple sandal are her go to. Here lately this look has been a favorite of mine but I'm sure that I don't pay the same price tag that this top model does. I've found all kinds of great relaxed tees everywhere from J. Crew to Old Navy. It's such a comfortable look for running around on a Saturday afternoon. Now that the summertime is rolling in, I will probably be trading in my jeans for jean shorts but you all get the picture from Miss Hadid!

Crop tops are another huge trend right now and I have to say after speculation, this look gets my stamp of approval. Done correctly, this can be a very stylish look. However the crop top is not for everyone so it makes this look a tough one to style! Gigi pairs her crop top perfectly with these embroidered high-waisted shorts. Perfect!

Rolling on to probably my favorite look of the mix, this sequin deep V-neck dress. She stunned the red carpet with this little number. Again, this look is not for everyone. It's meant for the mid to late 20's crowd who are still taking a risk or two with their wardrobe. Sleek and sexy.

Any of you who have personally taken a peek inside my wardrobe know that it is covered with neutrals. I have been trying to make myself stray from the whites, nudes and light pinks but I can't help it! It's what I gravitate towards and it is such an easy look to layer jewelry on. That's why I've chosen this neutral look of Miss Hadid. It's such an elegant look. The long jacket paired with a sophisticated mini skirt flaunts Hadid's style and grace.

Hopefully these looks can inspire your summer shopping spree!
You can't go wrong when this little lady is your inspiration.

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