Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WCW: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad has been a style icon in my book since I was in high school.
She has a very classic, chic style that lasts through the ins and outs of trends.

I've featured just a few of her gorgeous looks above. Combined I think that they depict her style perfectly. She's a southern California native and this reflects in her style. All of the looks above share one trend: flowy and relaxed. This is a tricky style to pull off while also being stylish and feminine.

 Whether it's a loose top with high waisted shorts that accentuate her waist or a loose top with shorts that accentuate her long legs, she pulls off a relaxed look. In the summertime when it's far too hot for the tight fitting clothes, Lauren Conrad is the perfect style role model. Mirroring any of these looks would guarantee a summer of great looks (and comfort)!

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