Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lovely in Lace with B

Shop My Look Here:

Shop My Look Here:

Happy half way mark, everyone! We've made it half way to the weekend and this girl couldn't be more excited :)

Today I decided to share a little about one of my favorite simple pieces from Simply B (hint: I have it in two colors!). It's a lace bralette! I love this piece because I can use it to dress up or down. I've included two of my looks as a point of reference for you all as you style your bralette! It's a really lovely item to have in your wardrobe and hello comfortable! 

Throw it under a little dress to add a lace feminine touch that just ever so slightly pops out. You'd be surprised how much a little touch like this can transform a look! When it comes to casual, a bralette gives it just that - a more casual vibe to the look. It's been my favorite thing to throw on with t-shirts, button downs, just about any casual look you can think of. Throw it on and you're ready to run out the door!

I hope you all are having a great start to the week! 
Thanks for stopping by :)