Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Resolution Recipes

On Sunday, we kicked off the New Year. With the celebration of the New Year, we have welcomed in all of the resolutions for 2017. 
There are a lot of myths out there about breakfast. I will say that opting to even grab a banana as you're running out the door is better than nothing. It kickstarts your metabolism getting your body some much needed nutrients. Choosing a healthy breakfast is essential though. Below I've listed the two breakfasts that I've been rotating lately!


Greek Yogurt Detox:
1 greek yogurt
2 tablespoons of Flax Chia Seed Blend
Sprinkle of cinnamon

English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich:
1 Healthy Life Multi-Grain English Muffin
1 slice of pepper jack cheese
1 egg
Sriracha to taste

Ahh, lunch and dinner! You have oh so many options for these meals and keeping on track can be hard to do, especially if you're on the run with your career. Over the last year, I've played around with a couple of different avenues for these meals. Below I've listed three healthy options that I just love.


Winner, winner protein dinner!

I will start this by saying I haven't always been the best when it comes to eating meat. For a long time, I was practically a vegetarian with just a small dose of chicken here and there. Once I started running more, that all changed. This diet change was for the better for several different reasons.

I've noticed that incorporating more meat in my diet helps me feel satisfied for longer and keeps me from reaching for the pretzels. Not only this but it helps me make it through my runs with a little more ease than before!

I've started buying Hormel's marinated pork tenderloin. They have all kinds of different marinades from lemon & garlic to mesquite BBQ. I've tried quite a few of them and I would say that the lemon & garlic is my favorite! This pork tenderloin makes six different servings making it perfect for leftovers throughout the week! I always seem to be on the fly during the week so having something easy and nutritious like this to heat up always saves the day. 

Two other items that you will always find in my fridge are tomatoes and avocados. I cut both of this up and layer tomatoes on the bottom, avocados on top. From there, I sprinkle the veggies with a little truffle salt (this one's my favorite!). Once the truffle salt is sprinkled, I top that with balsamic (this one's my favorite - and I've tried a lot of balsamic :).

Don't forget the carbs! I know carbs get a bad rep and a lot of people end up avoiding them altogether. I beg of you to not do this! Carbs are not your enemy, I promise. It's all about eating the right carbs that make the (healthy) world go round. I buy a multigrain loaf from Kroger's bakery. This is filled with all kinds of yummy grains that I just can't get enough of! I heat that up and pair it with oil and balsamic. I fill a little side plate with a base of EVOO (Lucini is my favorite), sprinkle a little garlic powder (great for helping inflammation and all sorts of other health benefits), and top it with balsamic.

Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili

When I say this recipe is so easy, I mean your five-year-old niece could easily put it together. Yes! That easy. Plus it makes for a great easy leftover meal for days to follow. I pair this with a side of my favorite multigrain tortilla chips :). It's a Mexican fiesta, y'all! 

Roasted Garlic Parmesan Quinoa

Holy yum! This is such a delicious side dish. A great trade for those many potatoes we all consumed over the holidays ;). This again was easy, easy. Very simple to prepare and it makes four servings. When I made this meal, I paired it with broccoli and salmon. Can't get much better than that! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Outfit posts are on their way to you all very soon! I've been very much under the weather the last few days so I've been recovering in bed. Bare with me! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I love the idea behind this post (resolution recipes)! So fun & inspirational! I know I'm trying to eat healthier as the new year begins, so I'm loving this. :) XO