Wednesday, February 8, 2017

High Waisted Workwear

It's easy to get a little worn out when it comes to workwear.

You think it's always the same ole, same ole. Nothing new to choose from. That's where you're wrong, my little loves! There are all kinds of ways to incorporate some fun into your work wardrobe. Enter the high waisted (gold button up pant).

This pair of pants is incredibly flattering while also keeping comfort in mind. Isn't it the worst when you love a pair of pants but you cannot wait to get out of them by the end of the work day? Sheesh. No fun for anyone! That's why these are such a great pair to have in the wardrobe. 

It's WEDNESDAY, dolls! Halfway through the work week and halfway to catching up on sleep. My schedule lately has been crazy so sleep has fallen to the wayside. Can't wait for that to change! 

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