Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Cleaning with Tommy John

It's that time of the year! 
Out with the cold, in with the Spring Cleaning!

Today I've partnered with Tommy John to talk about how to break down your wardrobe and clean out the junk. (Even if it is that striped shirt that you wore that one time with your best friend on your favorite summer night from 2013. Yep - it's time to part ways. That ship has sailed, my love!) Tommy John, a maker of men's boxer briefs, has kindly put together a few flow charts for you all to use as you go through your closets.

Tommy John has kindly put together a few flow charts for you all to use as you go through your closets. (Hint: These would be great to print out and use as a reference as you go through your closet.) I noticed as a read through these charts that several of these check points are things that I myself use when filtering through my wardrobe. I put together a list of the top five things I think about when looking through my wardrobe and put those in a row below. 

{ one }
Can I style this piece at least three different ways?

A few nights a week, I will spend some time putting together outfits so that my mornings flow with a little more ease. I like to do it for that reason as well as using my #ootd photos I post on my Instagram Story and Snapchat Story. These posts are used to share with you all what I wear on a more "day to day" basis. 

All that to say - if you can't style items in your wardrobe more than one way, what's the point? It brings down the value of the investment that you made by purchasing the item. I won't lie - I haven't always lived by this mantra. I used to be a little more frivolous in my purchases but as of lately I really try to take a moment to think about how an item would benefit my wardrobe. I definitely advise you all to try the same thing out the next time your out on a shopping venture! 

{ two }

Is it torn or stained in a way that cannot be repaired?
(Be honest with yourself!)

Sheesh. I can't tell you how many times I've held on to an item that I just flat out adored - but it had a huge gaping whole or stain that I knew I'd never be able to remove. You've been there too, don't lie to me! ;) While this is an easy thing to slip in to, it's so not worth the hassle of holding on. 

If you're being honest with yourself, you'll definitely never wear that article of clothing on any sort of outing so what's the point, doll? All the piece of clothing is doing is holding the space of something that could really add a fun or colorful element to your wardrobe. 

After all, it is your wardrobe and your style!
We don't want that style being seen in a tattered way!

{ three }
Does it fit?

Now ladies, again, it's time to have a little honesty hour with yourself on this one. No one is around to judge but if that pair of jeans didn't fit two or six months ago - it's time to go. 

I completely understand that this one is a tough hurdle to jump over but facing the fit facts will only help your wardrobe grow and mature. 

Hopefully this helps you all on your path to cleaning out your closet in preparation for all those new trends! Or maybe you just need a little extra closet space to spread out in. Either way, Spring is definitely the perfect time to do so and I'm here to help! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Hopefully you all are having a great week :)


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