Monday, June 4, 2018

Return of Chic and Shimmer

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After a year away from my creative corner here on Chic + Shimmer…

Haha, no but really - I am back! 
Many of you may remember that I took a little oasis to focus on the transition in to my new career path...

(In case you missed my exit last summer)

While I've been away, there have been a lot of changes! The most notable of all these changes is my change, as I stated above, in career paths. For two and a half years, I was the marketing manager for Paducah Life Magazine. I've now transitioned in to the finance industry. This is a change that I was admittedly nervous and unsure about at first - but I took the leap anyways. I can now say that a year later, I'm happy with the change that I made.

When I left my beloved role at the magazine, I had a little bit of anxiety throwing myself in to an entirely new industry. (No surprise there, I think that would make anyone a little nervous!) In this career change, I was seeking something that would challenge me on a deeper level as well as maintain the community ties that I gained while at Paducah Life. I was able to find success in both avenues as well as a big sense of purpose in what I'm doing.

All of that being said, at the end of the day, I still missed my creative side. It was 110% necessary for me to take the break in order to get settled in my new career. However, now that I'm a year down the road, I feel settled enough to juggle both passions at the same time. That being said, please forgive me if there's a bit of a learning curve on this juggling act 🙈.

In this re-launch, you can expect posts three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). These posts will be directed towards my vision of a lifestyle brand. That encompasses all that drives my own life - fashion, fitness, home decor, travel and local promotion #PaducahLife #PartakeInPaducah. As always, I welcome your all's feedback! If you ever want to see more or less of any one topic, feel free to reach out to me at

In the meantime, I look forward to bringing you lots of love from my creative corner here at Chic & Shimmer. This particular shoot that I'm relaunching with is close to my heart. It was a collaborative effort from two of my favorite ladies - Rachael Houser & Erin Hendley.

Both of these ladies are gal pals that I've made over the years here in Paducah. When I was working at Paducah Life (we also published an annual Wedding Book magazine), I worked closely with them gathering information for brides as well as doing styled shoots for Paducah Life. From there, we really developed a relationship of our own. It was such a fun afternoon getting back in to the groove of things with these two amazing women! Make sure to follow along with these two 😍.

Thank you so much for following along! 
See you here again on Wednesday morning for a special post about a special place here in Paducah.

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