Thursday, July 3, 2014

Parisian Cuisine

Bon Appétit

A couple posts ago I shared a glimpse of my love for Paris. Today it only seemed appropriate to share my Parisian food post! With the 4th of July being tomorrow and all of the BBQs and s'mores, a food post seemed just seemed right. The cuisine there was absolutely unbelievable. 

Here's a few pictures of my favorites:

This trip and the food that went along with it really threw my homemade pizzas and Lean Cuisines for a loop. It was such a treat! 

I've organized a list of some of my favorites

1. One of my favorite parts was the mustard that was served alongside the salt and pepper at every table. 
2. Another classic that I fell in love with was the Croque Monsieur served at every restaurant and cafe in the city! The simplicity of it was divine and I fell in love! 
3. Washing all these delicious plates down with a glass of rosé just put the icing on the cake for me! YUM! I've never really tried rosés much before Paris but it's now a new favorite. Well, right next to champs ;)
4. It took some adjusting at first but the Parisians don't take their coffee like we do. Every morning, you'd wake up to a nice shot. No, no. Not a shot of vodka. But pretty hard to throw back an espresso shot so early in the morning >:/. It took some getting use to but with the on-the-run living we did in this city of love, it made morning coffee much more simple! I grew to love it! 
5. Last but not least, the oil and vinegar dressing that was on every single salad! I've had good oil + vinegar dressing combos before but nothing like this! I always ate every last drop. 

Well, this post definitely got me taste buds going and craving some pretty tasty plates! I hope you all are able to grab a hamburger and fries with a shake this weekend in celebration of the 4th! 

Cheers to a great weekend!

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