Friday, September 26, 2014

Baubles + Feathers

Black, Feathers, and Baubles

Ever since I was little, I've always dressed up for any and every occasion (even if the occasion is simply that I bought a new feather skirt I was dying to debut). Ask my family! Anyways, I've had this Shop Dandy feather skirt since around February. The occasion just never felt right until today. Scroll through the pictures below to see what you all think about how I dazzled it up!

< Because when wearing a shirt with "Célfie" on it, you have to take a selfie! >
< Right?? >

What did you guys think?
Do you all have any item in your wardrobe you just can't wait to debut??
I'd love to hear!

I actually found this top at Macy's and snatched it up right away! I knew it would pair perfectly with this little skirt. Once I put the two pieces on together, I immediately knew it was a perfect duo! The necklace I paired with this is actually vintage from my sweet Nana :). I wear it on occasion and every time I do, I get homesick for my Nana's reuben sandwiches and blackberry cobbler. It's amazing, you guys! Since the exact necklace I'm styling is vintage, I went searching for a similar one and struck gold with one from Nordstrom
Do you all have any favorite vintage pieces?

Happy Friday! Do something tonight that makes you fall in love with your life a little more!
I know I'll be toasting with some champs :)


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