Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Favorite Season of All...

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Today marks the first day of fall! 
I can't hardly believe that summer is now officially over and my favorite season has just begun. 

I decided to kick off the fall season with a few shots of a favorite fall outfit of mine. I love pairing light dresses like the one pictured below with simple riding boots. Check out my look below!

I hope you guys enjoyed a preview of one of my fall looks! 
The Kentucky Bluegrass was shining bright and strong in these photos!

If there is one fall investment I think everyone should make for the fall it's a sturdy pair of brown riding boots. 
What's your all's fall wardrobe must have? 
I live in mine for those in between months. As much as I love fall, I definitely am not ready for those 30 degree days that are upon us in the winter months. 

I actually picked up this dress a couple weekends ago when I was in Nashville with my step mom and step sister. There was this cute little boutique I went to called Blush Boutique that I loved! I'll definitely be revisiting this boutique the next time I'm in the Nashville area. I picked up this dress and a couple other items to utilize for this coming fall season. I'm so excited to debut them! Unfortunately this little number isn't available online but if you're ever in the Nashville area, swing by their boutique located in The Gulch!

Don't worry -- I have many more looks to follow. Have I mentioned how much I love the fall? I love it! 
Until next time...

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