Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chanel + McQueen

She's baaack, ladies and gentleman!
I just wasn't done gushing over my step sister's style! 

I love that she can take one accessory and create a complete, and might I add FLAWLESS, look from it. You honestly won't believe how savvy this girl is. She set out knowing this was the scarf for her and found it on eBay for a steal of a price. The ways to style this Alexander McQueen scarf are endless but the way Lauren put this with a leather moto jacket and black booties was nothing short of perfection!

This look is so chic. I'm excited to share all of the details with you guys!
Check it out below...

Guys... How fabulous is she?! Ah! I just can't get enough of her style.

What's your favorite part of her look?!
Mine is definitely her accessories. Especially the shot of her holding the Chanel next to her side with a bit of the Alexander McQueen scarf poking out. Love, love, love.

We had the most fun shooting together! There were lots of fun little bloopers of laughing and smiles throughout the whole shoot. Oh, and champagne of course! 
Check out Lauren's Instagram for some behind the scenes of the shoot.

Would you all be interested in seeing some more looks from her?! Let me know! 
I'm always happy to share a bit of my sister with y'all!

Shop Lauren's look here:

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