Friday, December 12, 2014


Before I throw on layers of baubles from Bauble Bar, an outfit from J.Crew and shoes from DSW, I primp my face. What's a cute outfit without perfect makeup anyways?

Today I've decided to make myself completely vulnerable and show you step-by-step my application of daily makeup. I'm talking from absolutely clean and crisp face to ready for a photo shoot!

Here's a little pick of all the products and brushes I use to primp for the day. As we go through the different steps, I'll link each individual products along the way.
Let's get started!

Eek! Okay so here's what we're starting with every morning. This is my fresh face thanks to ProActiv. I've used it for almost a decade now and I swear by it. It's such a great product line.

My next step is clearing up any blemishes that I might have. Cover Girl Smoothers Concealers is my favorite to use. It helps me accent the parts of my face that I want to be accented and hide the blemishes that I want to keep out of sight. 

Next, I apply my Mac powder foundation with my Eco Tools Powder Brush. I love this product because it's long lasting and EcoTools does such a fabulous job applying my makeup. 
Not to mention, the price is perfect!

The next step in my make up process is the blush/bronzer from Urban Decay Naked Flushed. I use Eco Tools Buffing Brush to apply each of the layers to this palette. First, I apply the bronzer right under my cheek bone (as seen above).

Second, I apply the pink blush right along my cheek bone.

Lastly, I apply the lightly colored accent to both the top of my cheek bone... well as below my cheek bone. This makes the bronzer and blush pop on my face creating a picturesque look. Thank goodness for this palette! It's quickly become a favorite of mine.

Next, I move on to yet another Urban Day palette. I alternate between Naked Basics and Naked3 Palette depending on what kind of style I'm going for that day. I use Eco Tools Flat Eyeliner Brush to apply darker colors along the line of my top eyelid as pictured above.

Next, I apply the lighter colors right under my eyebrow to blend in the darker colors closer to my eyelid. This makes my eyes pop just a little bit more. I use the Eco Tools Eye Shadow Brush to make this accent happen!

On to the finishing touches, ladies!

To add a subtle amount of sparkle that will make your face shimmer in the light, I use Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder. To apply this shimmering powder, I use Eco Tools Deluxe Fan Brush

After applying the makeup, I use a Mac Finishing Powder to hold the makeup together for the whole day. I use Eco Tools Finishing Kabuki Brush to apply this finishing powder.

Now, on to the eye liner!
I've used Maybelline Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner for years and I swear by it. It's a perfect product!

Before applying my mascara, I curl my lashes with this adorable tarte Eyelash Curler.

Finally, I apply the mascara! I've recently stumbled upon Lancome High Definition Mascara. I am in love with the product! It makes my lashes go for miles. 

These products can be found at an array of different stores from Sephora to Ulta to your nearest drug store. You may have noticed that most of my links go to Ulta. That's because I've got some coupons for you all to use if you wanted to go snag some of the products you've seen on today's post. Print these out or pull them up on your phone at checkout:

{Keep in mind that exclusions do apply! Make sure to check the fine print.}

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