Monday, December 29, 2014

Guy's Guide

Shop his look here:

I know the normal post is all about sequins and color but today I'm switching it up a bit.

Meet Nicholas!

Nicholas is my boyfriend of 4 years and I'm obsessed with his style. It's very preppy but it's done with style and not too "in your face". Whether it's your dad, your brother, or your boyfriend it can be fun to help them with their style sometimes! I love it when Nicholas asks me for help about what to wear. When guys take their own personal style into consideration, it's so attractive to me! Who doesn't love a well dressed man?! Anywho, I've attached all the details about his outfit below. Hopefully this can give you all some ideas on how to help the men in your life with their wardrobe! Spread the expertise to your men, fashionistas! 

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