Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Navy + Neon

What's the best way to survive the deadly winter weather?
Color blocking of course!

I know it's so easy to get into the routine of your basics and bundling down with a scarf as your accessory for the day! But how fun is this to add a little bit of that color {we all miss so much} from those summer days?!

I've put together the PERFECT little outfit to optimize that color blocking task here below...

Who said floral necklaces were only for the summertime? ;-)
It's your style, you can do what you want.

What's your favorite way of straying from the basic winter attire?
What makes your winter style stand out from the rest?

After all, every day can't be blanket scarves and tweed jackets!
This was a relatively warm day so having lighter layers was comfortable. For a chillier day, just throw on a pair of tights and coat {maybe a light pink or a light blue}.

Enjoy this beautiful and cheerful month of December! It's only the beginning of the last month of 2014. 
Make it count, dolls!

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