Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bows + Glitz

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Can you think of any better combination than bows + glitter?!
I sure can't.

As soon as I spotted these Brina Box leggings, I knew they had to be mine. I had the same kind of reaction once I stumbled upon these bow heels. They seriously could not be more adorable. I just love them! I've never used Shoe Dazzle before but I stumbled upon these little babies and immediately joined. This was my first time using them so I got the heels for only $15
"Wait... What?!"

 Yep. You read that correctly.
I snagged these to die for heels for only $15 and they were worth every penny ;-). If you've never used Shoe Dazzle before, don't hesitate to join because your first pair is 75% off. The sizes are limited but hopefully you can grab your size before they sell out!!

You've made if halfway through the first full week of 2015.
You've got this!
The weekend is only a few days away, fashionistas.

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