Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Home Decor Lately

With my move in date fast approaching, I've been trying to prepare with some home decor pieces. Today I wanted to share a few of my recent purchases with you all. Basically my purchases lately have consisted of all the necessities a girl could need. I cannot wait to crawl into my comfy bed that first night! I've been hunting high and low to find the perfect bedding and I think that I have struck GOLD. I still have a few things on my wish list left to snag so stay tuned for new additions!

P.S. If you're in need of some new decor pieces, definitely take a look at HomeGoods. I found so many amazing pieces (not featured here unfortunately!) for a steal. My favorite item I purchased from there this past weekend was a huge floor length mirror. Eek! I can't wait to do an apartment tour for you all. Stay warm out there!

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