Friday, March 6, 2015

Gold + Winter White

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White jeans before Easter?!

That's right, ladies. It's okay to break out your white denim before Easter rolls around. It's a little thing called "winter white" and it is ay-okay. Personally, I love it. White jeans are my favorite thing in the world and many times it's just way too hot outside to wear them in the dead of summer.

White jeans and faux fur is my favorite combo to put together lately. It really blends the two trends well and keeps me plenty warm in these artic temperatures we've been having lately. Of course, I've added my classic gold jewelry to the look. Tassel necklaces and fun gold bracelets are just a few of my favorite pieces to wear.

Break out your white jeans + gold accessories this weekend for your night out! Bring a little light color to the dreary winter classics. Happy Friday!

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