Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Dress Guide

It's crunch time, ladies!

Easter Sunday is only a couple days away. Do you all have your dress ready to go?! If not, don't stress. I have you covered. Whether you're looking for the classic white dress, a pop of pink or a little sparkle, I've found the dress for you.

As a little girl, Easter Sunday always meant two things: open toed shoes and a pretty white dress. Anyone else?! I know I'm not alone in this ;-). Now that white before Easter and after Labor Day is more widely acceptable, it's opened up the wardrobe choices.

Florals and pinks are having a big moment right now. These are two of my favorite things so I'm over the moon with excitement about it! Give me a pale pink cocktail dress, some sunshine and I'm the happiest girl on the planet. Love it!

P.S. I'll be out shopping today for the perfect little Easter dress so you are not alone in procrastinating! I'm the worst about stuff like that.

Happy Friday + happy shoppings!

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