Friday, August 21, 2015

Home Hair Care

Happy National Brazilian Blowout Day!

Here in Paducah, we don't have a blowout bar so I thought I would share some home hair care tips. That way you can celebrate this day from the comfort of your own home!

My hair is very fine and naturally straight. I'm talking, no curls whatsoever. To some of you who spend most of their morning laboring over the heat of a hair straightener, this may sound like an absolute dream. Let me just say: you always want what you can't have! I'd kill for my hair to have more volume.

I would hate to know how much time and money I've spent in pursuit of the perfect hair care routine. I finally think that I've found the perfect combo (for now). I thought I would share some of my tips with you all this morning! Whether you're having a relaxed Friday night at home or going out for date night, I have a hair care routine for you to try.

{ 1 }
Chi Silk Infusion

This is an oil that I've been using for years now. Noteworthy: I have very oily hair but I find that even though this is the case, my ends are still dry and need a little extra protection from the heat. Enter Chi Silk Infusion! I love this product. I firmly believe that everyone should be using just a tiny dose of this every day in their routine.

{ 2 }

John Frieda Volume Mousse

The way that I part my hair (to the side) creates a dilemma when it comes to staying in place. I like to add a little extra volume to my hair where I part it so that it will stay in place throughout the day. This mousse in particular adds a little something extra for those of us that struggle with volume.

{ 3 }
Blow Dry

Up until about six months ago, I've used generic hair dryers to dry my hair everyday. As I've entered my mid-twenties I've started to notice that my flyaways are a little out of control. This hair dryer allows for me to choose the amount of heat and the strength in which my hair is dried. Definitely worth the splurge! I love this dryer and will use it for years to come.

{ 4 }
Drybar 100 Proof Treatment

I found this product about a year ago and oh. my. gosh. do I love it!! It significantly cut down on my flyaway problem. I think that everyone (unless God blessed you with effortlessly flawless hair) struggles with the flyaway problem from time to time. Here's your solution! (And it's under $40!!)

{ 5 }

Living Proof No Frizz

This is actually a recent addition to my hair care routine. I snagged this when my flyaways were a little more of a problem than usual in West Palm. The city is gorgeous but the humidity will really do a number on a gal's hair! Anyways, I got a little help in Sephora finding this product. I think I would describe this product best as an extremely light hair spray. Although it is light on your hair, it works wonders.

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