Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Winter Blues

Who said the "winter blues" had to have a negative connotation? Not in the styling world! In fact, adding a little pop of color to your winter wardrobe is a perfect way to bring you out of those "winter blues" ;). That's what I've done today with this simple (and shimmering) outfit. 

The top brings a little something special through the shimmer and the same is done with the fringe on my handbag. It's all in the details, ladies! When the sun is setting before we make it home from work every day, we have to find a way to make our days shine (one way or another!).

We've made it halfway through the week now! Only a few more days until Friday at 5.
Thank you so much for stopping by today! I love having you follow along :)


  1. Pretty! I love the sequins!

  2. I like it that we can wear shiny shimmering outfit this seadon. Your top is so pretty!
    Xo, Christianne

  3. I need those heels and top in my life!! What a gorgeous holiday outfit.

    XO Chelsea

  4. Really love that festive, shimmery top <3

    Kisses and good karma,
    Tatum | AbstractAphrodite

  5. I love the look of adding sequins into a outfit around the holidays! SO festive and I love the addition of sparkle!! Gorgeous!


  6. I LOVE how you've styled this. from the earrings to the pumps, perfection!