Friday, April 8, 2016


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Evers!

This was the night before their wedding. We had (mostly) all of our family gathered for dinner & to celebrate their big day before things got too crazy! It was such a fun night to be surrounded with friends and family.

Our family pup, Auggie

Three generations deep!

This is my Grandma, Mom & myself. It was so special that we were able to be together for her big day. I was able to zip my mom into her wedding dress which was such a special moment for me to share with her :).

This is Christie, my mom's childhood best friend, putting the finishing touches on her hair. I've always thought it was fun that mom has a childhood friend that moved away at a young age and they kept in touch through adulthood. I have that same relationship with my friend, Abby!

The happy couple!

I brought over some champagne to celebrate before leaving for the church!

I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with Veuve :). 


My sweet momma & I

This picture was taken right before they left for the honeymoon.

Remember earlier in my post where I referenced my childhood best friend, Abby? Well this is Abby in the middle! We're surrounded by our sweet moms. It was such a special treat to have them drive in for the wedding. I love these two ladies very much :).

Here we have two of my favorites :).

This is my boyfriend, Eric and my best friend, Abby. I was so happy to have them both with me to celebrate this big day! We had quite a large group of friends and family that went to dinner at Italian Grill after the wedding. Lots of wine & pasta! It was a great night.

Before we walked in, I had to snag a picture with Eric in front of the restaurant. 

I love downtown Paducah and all of the new additions we've had recently!

This is my cousin's husband, Grant holding all the great grand babies. He quite literally had his hands full. All of these girls have such big personalities so seeing them all play together was so fun to see!

Somebody forgot their sunglasses... Couldn't handle that bright sunny weather!

Last but not certainly not least, another shot of Abby and I. I'm so grateful to have this little lady in my life every day. I'd be lost without ya, Abs!

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