Friday, April 15, 2016

Life Lately

Brown Butter Caramel Shortbreads

#ICYMI, last week I did a bonus post on Tuesday celebrating #NationalCaramelDay with a famous baker here in Paducah, Mary Remy! She's phenomenal at what she does. I have always had a sweet tooth so you can imagine my excitement when she sent me home with two of these sandwich cookies! 

This caramel filling is sandwiched between two brown butter shortbread cookies. They are simply spectacular. If you live in the Paducah area (and I've left you salivating from the description), you can grab one or two of these from Piper's

Veuve Clicquot

In case you guys missed one of my life updates (blog post seen here!), my sweet little momma got married a few weeks ago. The morning of the wedding, we shared a split of Veuve to start the day off right. One of my sweet friends had given me this bottle as a housewarming gift when I moved into my new place! This bottle celebrated two celebrations!!

If you all are interested in catching my day-to-day life updates (behind-the-scene shots of photo shoots, what I'm eating/drinking and of course my sweet pup!), follow along via Snapchat: @kitty_621


If I'm a sucker for anything, it's personalized jewelry! Chances are you can catch me in my monogram necklace or 'Carrie'-inspired necklace (any Sex & The City fans out there?!) on any given day.

Interested in grabbing one of your own? Good news! I have a discount code to save you 20%.
This discount code is good for all things in Julia Marie's online boutique! Just enter 'chicandshimmer20' to save 20% off your order. Make sure to come back and share what you find! I'd love to see your goodies :)


I don't know if you all follow Little Miss "Sweetest Thing" aka Mrs. Emily Gemma, but holy cow her lashes go for miles! I've always been envious of them! :)

Recently I decided to reach out to her asking what her secret was. Her answer? This lash enhancing serum! Wouldn't you know that sent it soaring to the top of my beauty wish list! This product comes with a pretty hefty price tag but seeing the results on Emily makes me understand that it is definitely worth it! 

Hot Ham & Brie Sliders & Balsamic Grilled Vegetables
{warm hickory smoked ham, brie, strawberry habanero jam}

There is a new lunch spot that went in towards downtown Paducah (an area called Lowertown for those locals that are stopping by!). The restaurant is called Kitchens Cafe and it will not fall short of your expectations! The only downfall is that the hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 10-3 so if you can only make lunch on the weekends you might have to opt for carry-out.

'Inside Out' by The Chainsmokers
I know what you're thinking - The Chainsmokers again?! Yes... Them again! 
You guys, this song is amazing though! I've been listening to it on repeat the last few weeks and I still can't get enough of it. Make sure to take a listen! I've never steered you wrong when it comes to them and today is no different!

Anthropologie Extra 40% Off Sale Items
Are you a huge vintage lover? I'm a sucker for anything rose gold myself!
Anthropology is a favorite of mine for unique pieces. They have a great way of taking 'basic' pieces and incorporating a vintage aspect that stands out against the crowd. 

This will automatically be applied at checkout so no need for a promo code! 

"I want to be around people that do things. I don't want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people who dream, and support, and do things."
-Amy Poehler

I've had the pleasure of working alongside a lot of creative minds here in Paducah. About a month ago, I was able to sit down with a couple of my favorite ladies for dinner. Over dinner we discussed all kinds of creative ideas and from that, I was able to "re-fuel" my fire for blogging. 

Running Chic + Shimmer is something that a lot of people in Western Kentucky are unfamiliar with. However it is something that I take a lot of pride in when it's run well! I can say that I have come out of my "winter rut" and I'm ready to take the spring and summer months!!


  1. Congrats to your Mom, I love your Carrie Bradshaw necklace by the way!

  2. These cookies look yummy and your necklace is very cute.

  3. I love this roundup post! I'm from a small Southern town so I feel you on the blogging problems, but there's a giant group of girls out in the blogging world that have your back :)

    1. Oh this makes me so happy to hear :). It's such a wonderful group of women out there in the blogging world! Thank you for stopping by, Taylor!

  4. I love life posts like this <3 I especially love that quote.

    Good karma,
    Tatum || AbstractAphrodite

  5. So fun to read this, I hope you have a lovely weekend!
    xo, Syd

    1. Thank you Sydney! I hope you had a lovely weekend as well.