Friday, June 24, 2016

Chic + Shimmer Turns Two!

Two. Years.

It's taking a second for that reality to set in. My little creative corner, Chic + Shimmer, is now two years old. It gives me chills to think about! This is something I had been toying around with for about six months before finally taking the leap and starting this style blog. 

When the idea first entered into my head, I thought I may want to start the blog anonymously. However, when the reality of that set in I realized it would be harder to keep it a secret than what it's worth. After all, isn't there a "face behind the blog" more often than not?? 

Now for the next leap - actually putting myself out there. Yowza! For those of you who know me on a more personal level, you know that I am very much an introvert. I keep my private life private and it takes a while for my personality to blossom in front of newcomers. Putting myself on Instagram? Daily?? Modeling?!? It was almost too much for me to process. Hence the months it took for me to get the courage to publish my first post.

Okay so the name - Chic + Shimmer.

Chic (pronounced sheek - not chick. I repeat - not chick. "sheek" not "chick") and shimmer :) 
I took a while trying to come up with a name that would encompass me and my personal style. I felt that my looks have always had a chic, feminine feel to them. Paris sealed the deal on that one. So chic it is.

Now on to the "shimmer". Ha. This one doesn't take much explaining because I have always loved all things that glitter, shimmer, sparkle, whatever you want to call it. I'd love nothing more than to dive into a pool full of glitter at any hour of the day. Any takers on supplying this and a bottle of champagne for Chic + Shimmer's second birthday? Eh?

Okay so now we have the words chic and shimmer. You all will laugh at this but I have always been incapable of drawing an ampersand. Eek I know! It's horrible and I should've mastered that in the second grade. But alas - I never have and here we are. So instead of an ampersand, I chose to use a "plus symbol". It's what I've always used in place of an ampersand when I have to draw it and personally, I think Chic + Shimmer looks pretty cool. 

So at this point, I had a name and opened the blog under my Google account. There it sat for about six months until I could gather the courage. I told only my then boyfriend about this. That May I attended the Kentucky Derby and met two of my favorite bloggers, Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers. You can read the more in depth details on this by clicking here. Hold all laughter until the end though as this was my very first post. I never openly presented this post though - my first post was actually 'Blue (Da Ba De)' on June 25th. 

After meeting these two, I started my journey with Chic + Shimmer. As they say "the rest is history". Here I am two years later beaming with pride over what I've built with Chic + Shimmer. 

I've gotten the question a lot - 

"So what are you wanting to do with this blog? Do you want to open a boutique? Do you want to model?"

The answer is no to both. The answer is simple - I want to run Chic + Shimmer. My end goal is to be able to be with my kids (years from now) and still bring a supplemental income to my family. I want to have something that is mine and something I'm proud of. I'll be here in the years to come styling looks for my sweet followers.

Now that you all have the low down on all there is to know about my little style corner here, feel free to explore! I have two years worth of outfits, shopping guides, and life on the web page here. Sending lots of love out to every one of you! Thank you for following along with me :) It truly, truly means the world to me. 


  1. Love how you dressed up this casual look with those beautiful heels! Gorgeous summer outfit! <3

    x Alix N,

  2. Happy birthday to your blog!! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for your site =)

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