Friday, June 17, 2016

Shopping Day Look

The weekend is right at our fingertips! You know what that means?? 

Time for a little Saturday shopping!

Who doesn't love a good shopping trip? I love going with girlfriends or my sweet little momma - really anyone who will give me their honest opinion. As much as I love my sweet friends, I appreciate honesty always (in shopping advice and life advice). Even if it stings a bit! I'd rather the sting than to feel self conscious in an outfit when I wear it out, ya know??

My number one tip for a shopping day is to always have your bra options on hand. If you're darling outfit calls for a strapless bra, make sure to pack a "normal" or day-to-day bra in your handbag. On the same hand, if your outfit calls for a "normal" bra, pack a strapless one just in case. There have been one too many instances for me where I don't have the appropriate bra with me and the piece of clothing looks completely different at home once I try it on :/. No one likes making multiple trips anywhere - life is BUSY! So trust me on this one. Always have the right bra on hand! 

In addition to the bra, I suggest wearing something that you feel confident in! If you dress in something that makes you feel self conscious (or really anything that doesn't make you feel like the million bucks that you are!), it can keep you from spotting pieces that would look fabulous on you. Dress cute, dress smart. Then you're sure to have a lucky little shopping day on your hands!

Ahh! Now that we have all of our bases covered, time to hit the weekend running!! (Or resting if it's been a long week for ya!) It's an exciting weekend in our little town of Paducah. Tonight the Paducah Chiefs are playing (local baseball team) and tomorrow afternoon we have Pa-Brew-Cah! What's Pa-Brew-Cah you might ask?? It's a fun little beer festival we're having downtown! I saw little but in fact - it's quite big! We're having 19 breweries roll into town! NINETEEN! Big deal for our little town. $25 gets you entry into the event, a souvenir pint glass and a tasting from all 19 breweries. PHEW! It'll be quite the afternoon.

Do you all have any fun plans in store for this weekend?? I'd love to hear!

Thank you so much for stopping by :). It means the world to me having you follow along! 


  1. I adore this!! Especially the top!


  2. I love the print on that halter neck top <3

    Good karma,
    Tatum || AbstractAphrodite

  3. Those shorts are so cute! Have an awesome weekend xx

    Edye | Http://

  4. Perfect shopping outfit! Your weekend sounds super fun- can't wait to see what you wear for the brew fest, babe :)
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party

  5. That necklace is SOOO cute!

    x, Sam