Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Charleston Roundup

For those of you who follow me regularly, you know that I recently visited E in Charleston. He's been  spending the summer there and I was over the moon that I finally got to explore the city on a visit! Charleston has been on my list of places I'm dying to see for a while now and him spending the summer there sealed the deal on my plane ticket.

I was there four nights and we did lots of exploring while I was there. Today I decided to do a roundup of all the places we ventured to for my visit. It was a jam packed weekend but lots of fun!

When I got there on Thursday night, I was pretty tired from traveling and he had been working all day so opted to order in pizza and relax a bit. Local pizzerias are my favorite and they had a delicious one on Johns Island! If you're in the area, definitely give Ji Pizza a try. We just ordered a pepperoni pizza but it was amazing!

The next day I lounged around and did a little work while I was waiting for E to get off work. Once he came back to the house, he let me know that he had made reservations for us at California Dreaming. Before I came, I mentioned that I wanted to have one meal on the water. First night out and he made it happen :). I ordered their salmon and it was the perfect dish - I would recommend if you stop in here!

After we finished up at dinner, we headed downtown to explore a few bars. We were making our way down King Street and I spotted Fish. The interior was white with little accents of color here and there. If you've explored my blog at all or know me personally, you know that this was a 'Kathryn' spot without a doubt. I don't even think I asked E if it was okay I just exclaimed that I had to go in.

They had great cocktails and we were able to snag a table by the window so we could do a little people watching. It was a great first stop!

After we finished up with our drinks at Fish, we walked down a little further and in to Prohibition. This was another favorite. The atmosphere was a little different but their jalapeño marg - to DIE for. It was gone in no time. If you've never tried one before, I would highly recommend. One of my girlfriends actually made one at home for me one time and ever since, it's my drink of choice if I see it on a menu. 

I can't quite remember what E was drinking but I believe it was a bourbon cocktail. I've tried and tried to find an appreciation for bourbon (hello I am from Kentucky!), but it's just never clicked. Sigh. I'll stick with my jalapeño marg or champagne until that day comes.

The next day, we got up and got going relatively early so that we could have a full day at the beach. We actually stopped at a couple of beaches that day. Our first stop was Isle of Palms which was fun but very crowded - I'm talking wall to wall people. 

After an hour or so there, we popped over to Sullivan's Beach. This. Beach. Was. A. DREAM! Such a dream. Relatively vacant with a slight breeze. The breeze did pick up there at the end when a storm rolled in but other than that little summer storm, it was a perfect beach day!

I actually shared with E while we were there about how I truly cannot stand being dirty which is exactly what a windy day on the beach did for me - I was completely covered in sand. You know when you're young and your parents let you just dig in to your birthday cake hands first? As the story goes, I did this my first birthday and looked up at my mom after a little while (hands in the air) exclaiming 'ceeean! 'ceeean!" (that's little girl for 'clean! clean!'). This one year old did not enjoy being covered in cake and this 24 year old girl did not enjoy having a solid layer of sand all over. Ya win some, ya lose some. Fun day all around - just thought I'd share a little funny :).

After the day at the beach, we were pretty hungry. We went to Water's Edge for dinner. This was an impromptu decision so we ended up having to wait a bit for our table. You didn't find me complaining because lucky for me - there was champagne and a waterfront to enjoy while we waited :).

A little post dinner happy :). I wish I didn't look so goofy because I love this picture of us other than that!!

The next morning before we went out exploring Downtown Charleston, we stopped in The Fat Hen on Johns Island. I'm a huge brunch fanatic - more specifically, an eggs benedict fanatic. The Fat Hen's eggs benedict did not disappoint this fanatic one bit. It was delicious! Bonus points for the fact that they are a farm-to-table restaurant! I gobbled up nearly every bite of mine. We don't have a brunch spot here in Paducah so I always take full advantage when I'm out of town!

Now on to the last little bit of our trip! After our brunch, we drove over to Downtown Charleston and explored a bit. We walked through the market where I was able to grab my mom a little gift. Ever since I can remember, she has loved picking up Christmas ornaments from different places we travel to. I found a perfect handmade ornament in this market area that had my mom's name written all over it.

After that, we ventured over to the pineapple fountain. Eek! I loved getting to see this and Rainbow Row. I think those were my two favorite parts. I'm all about living colorfully so you can just imagine my delight to see a whole road dedicated to this mantra. Love, love, love! I was able to spot that famous pink house but by this time, we had opted for the car so I wasn't able to snap a pic. Can ya blame me with a 90 degree day?? It was nice to walk a little bit but after a while that heat will get to ya. 

Towards the end of this day, I got a little down as it'll be five weeks before E is finally back home. Distance is no fun! I'm so happy we got to explore this beautiful city together though :). Have you all been on any fun summer trips yet this year?? I'd love to hear all about it if so! Summer traveling is so fun. I'm road tripping in a couple weeks to spend some time with college friends and I can hardly wait!! I hope you all are having a great week so far. Halfway to the weekend - wahoo!

Thanks so much for stopping by :)