Wednesday, July 27, 2016

F.A.C.E.: Highlight + Contour

This Monday evening, I had the pleasure of attending the highlight and contour class hosted by F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry. I learned a ton and I'm dying to share the details with you all! 

I've played around a lot with contouring but never have I been fully satisfied with what I come up with. I've watched the tutorials, I've read the tips but nothing ever looked exactly perfect to me. That's why when I heard about this class I knew I wanted to attend!

To make things easier for you all, I'm going to list the step-by-step process here below.

{ 1 }
Prime your face so you're doing your make-up not "cake-up" as Erin puts it ;).

{ 2 }
Next is your foundation!
Use a (wet) beauty blender in order to blend with a little more ease thus creating a better finish. When applying, "bounce" and "stamp" the skin - don't rub it in with a back and forth motion.

{ 3 }
Before you contour the face, highlight the face.

You'll want to apply your highlight in a triangle shape underneath your eye (see image below). One note to make is that you should not (unlike the image below shows) go all the way to your eye with the brush. Use your finger (or beauty blender) to blend up towards to eye.

Utilize this highlight time to define your winged eye liner! Swipe the concealer underneath the winged eye liner to define the line a bit. Just an extra little tip from Erin! 

You can also use this same tip to define your brows. Always make sure to arch the brows down. Cheat the shape! Sculpt with your creams.

{ 4 }
We're still highlighting!

Now we're moving on to sculpting the cheeks. Highlight from your tragus down to the side of your lip (use the image below as a reference!). 

{ 5 } 
Now we move on to the contour

You'll want to contour starting at the hair line (make your more prominent, dark strokes in this area). Cusp the contour underneath the cheek. Move from that area on to the jaw line (fade it out!). 

From there, work your way around the forehead. Again, make sure that you make the hair line closer to your eyes more prominent than right at the peek of your forehead. This keeps thing from looking "caked on" or less natural.

{ 6 }
Congrats! You've completed the contour. Now let's move on to the powder

If you've been using a cream based contour, this is absolutely necessary to keep it "make up" not "cake up" like we talked about before. Use your beauty blender to apply the powder! 

When you're contouring, make sure that you're using a matte powder! This keeps your look fresh.

{ 7 }
If you're out for a night on the town, you may want to finish off the look with a bit of glimmer
(Who doesn't love to glimmer a little?!)

Erin used an amazing product called reflux - available in both blue and gold tints. Sign this girl up for the gold!!

That rounds up the highlight and contour lesson from F.A.C.E.! I can't wait to put this tutorial to work over the weekend. Maybe even for happy hour with Miss Erin herself, who knows! :)

I hope you all enjoyed the lesson as much as I did!

Miss Erin Hendley at work for the makeup in Paducah Life's July/August fashion spread!

Interested in utilizing Erin's makeup artistry? You can find her contact info below!



125 Kentucky Avenue
Paducah, KY 42001

Erin's Social Media:
Instagram: @facemakeupartistry
Twitter: @facemakeupart
Facebook: Face Makeup Artistry

Thank you all so much for stopping by! 

It really means the world to me having you drop in my creative corner at Chic + Shimmer. 
I hope you're having an absolutely fabulous week!

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