Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simply Striped

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When I slipped this dress on in the fitting room of Simply B, I just wanted to twirl around and dance! It feels like that is what this dress is made for. Twirling, dancing and sipping champagne! :)

I love a dress (or any article of clothing, really!) that you can slip on and instantly feel an energy from. Pieces like that are hard to come by and one must always snag when they find such an item! This dress is perfect for a night out with the girls or even a date night to impress your man. Either way, this dress is a must have. 

What is one item in your wardrobe that makes you smile ear to ear when you slip it on? I'd love to hear!!

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  1. This dress is so cute I love dresses that are fun to twirl around in!!
    xo, Kelsey

  2. Beautiful dress! It's always great when you find a piece that makes you feel something! xo Bryn

  3. I LOVE your dress, you look stunning!

  4. Such a pretty dress, lady! Love that blue!

    Le Stylo Rouge