Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Life Lately


scarf + tank + jeans

As I transition my wardrobe to accommodate the fall weather, I notice myself "splitting the seasons". By this I mean, part of my outfit is still summer and the other half is diving right in for fall. 

Why might you ask? Well, in my experience, fall doesn't "fall" all at once. It's a slow transition which allows for both summer and fall to occur in one evening. The best way to cope with moody weather like this is to split the season. Therefore this combo is a winning match for me!

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charles by charles david nude wedgesicon // articles of society white jeansicon // pink tank topicon // silk scarf (old, similar here)


the real housewives of orange county

The original reality housewives. You can't live with them, can't live without them! Well, maybe some could live without them. But this is my kind of mindless TV! I mostly just love admiring all of the places they travel to, all of the clothes they wear, just the lifestyle in general! It's fun to admire from afar. 

{ breakfast }
greek yogurt + flax chia blend + cinnamon

Almost every morning now I've made this combination for my breakfast. Depending on my stock of fruit, I'll occasionally add in a banana. The flax chia blend adds that little something to keep me full until lunch :)

Honestly this flax chia blend is a godsend. It's amazing - talk about a superfood powerhouse! 

Macy's VIP Sale

This is a great sale to save on designers you can rarely find discounts on! Not to mention, for the first time ever, they're offering $10 off for every $50 spent on cosmetics and fragrances. Time to stock up, ladies!

morning runs with fall weather

As a runner, I live for beautiful fall morning runs. There's something about the crisp fall air, a perfect temperature and the "calm before the storm" start of the day. It's wonderful! I'm so happy to have this time of year back again.


Currently in my closet, I have enough booties to clothe a small village. That being said, who doesn't need a little closet refresh every now and then? This fall, I'm shopping for the perfect pair of (wedge) black booties. If you all have any ideas, let me know! Currently I have my eye on these :).


I've been listening to several of their different live performances here lately. My favorite is (the one linked above) - from Ultra Music Festival. Listening to these live performances instantly puts me in a great mood and boosts my energy - hello work day fuel!

I have a couple of different concerts coming up in the month of October and this is one of them on Halloweekend in Nashville. Can you think of a better way to celebrate that weekend?! I surely can't. I can't wait to show you all my costume :) - it's very #chicandshimmer but perfect for this concert at the same time! 


As a rosé fanatic, I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a delicious bottle. Normally I'll spend around $10-15 on a bottle but this one is worth that extra $5 expense at $20.

A few weekends ago, I brought this with me on a road trip to Nashville to visit a couple girlfriends of mine. We sat and drank the bottle out of flamingo paper cups and this girl couldn't have been happier :). A true girly girl and proud! Haha.

lilly pulitzer

What is life if you can't celebrate a little bit?

It's all about the little things at the end of the day. Life is made up of all these small beautiful moments and it's a shame to waste those days worrying, living in the past, or heck - living in the future! There's always something to look forward to but in the same respect, there's always something to appreciate in the moment you're in. 

Make every hour a happy hour!


  1. RHOC is my kind of mindless TV, too! :) Those ladies are crazy but fun to watch.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Those black booties are so cute!


  3. Great post, agree with your final comment about making every hour a happy hour!


  4. Ha Ha...I am with on The House Wives-I love to see all the funny and expensive things they go see and do-we can dream!