Monday, September 5, 2016

Pretty in Pink

An all pink post from me?? Ha! It's true, it's true :)

Being a "girly, girly" through and through, pink is without a doubt my favorite color. Bounce a little pink off of white and throw a splash of gold - you'll have my heart singing! 

While I love a LBD dress doted with statement jewelry, looks that encompass softer colors definitely lift my spirits. Have any of you seen the ole hashtag #LiveColorfully? (Thank you, Mrs. Kate Spade!). I think this is a great way to live! If you're having a "down day", throw a little color into your ensemble and it's sure to life you right up. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend! There's been a lot of much needed family time on my end which always makes me happy. Even got to see a few members I haven't seen in a while!

Thanks so much for stopping by :)


  1. Love the pink top with the white shorts. OMG I need a pair of those pink lace-up flats.