Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jean Jacket + Coral Accents

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Casual chic.

It's the style that I've circled my blog around. It's the perfect description of nearly every outfit that I put together. It is the full essence of me! Now this look seen above? It is the definition of the words "casual chic". What is a better combination of these two than distressed denim paired with a silk scarf

As of lately, I've been spending a few hours per week (spread out of course!), cultivating unique outfits that aren't just the simple sweater, jeans combo. Can we all agree that while this is a cozy outfit, it gets completely worn out before the season even starts? Sheesh. I get so bored with it! 

That's why this winter, I've vowed to try my hardest to enjoy the season of looks without becoming too routine. Enter this casual chic look! If I could get away with it, I would live in these white jeans. That being said, I'll look for any reason to wear these bad boys! While this silk scarf doesn't exactly add a ton of warmth, it does make for a beautiful accessory. Don't you agree?! 

Winter often times get too mundane with the lack of color. (I include myself in that! I'm tempted to rock an all black ensemble all too often.) I've found that pushing myself to incorporate color into my looks helps me fight off the winter blues. Even the happiest of souls can get a little down during these dreary winter months! A little color helps to combat that :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! Go grab yourself some discounted Valentine's candy if not ;). Reese's hearts, anyone?! Now those are the key to my heart! 

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