Monday, March 13, 2017

Life Lately


Lately I've been finding all kinds of ways to style my suede mini skirt.

While this is not a new addition to my wardrobe, I'm always looking for ways to be #wardrobeefficient because let's face it - most of us don't have an endless budget! That being said, this is such a great neutral skirt to play around with. It's a personal favorite in my wardrobe and I can't get enough of all the looks to transition into spring with this. If you don't own one yourself, I would highly recommend! Great for the spring and fall.

Shop My Look Here:


Goodness GRACIOUS I am so excited about the latest edition of Paducah Life! 

The article about Roby has been in the works for several months now. If you aren't familiar with this rockstar of a 20-year-old, grab your copy today (or order a copy if you're out of town!). He's always had a creative mind but over the last couple of years, he's produced his own lines of clothes. (Amazing, right?!). You'll find his full story as well as lots of other creative Paducah stories. 

It's a great time to be in Paducah! 


I think I'm about to turn into a pizza.

Paducah just recently acquired two new pizza places. TWO! What's a pizza lover to do with that?! Well, if you're like me, that just means you better find some balance with kale salads and lots of running. (I'm even incorporating a Barre class this week. Bikini season is upon us after all!)

My favorite from Mellow Mushroom is their Kosmic Karma.

Pretty much anywhere that I can order a Margherita pizza, I'll do just that. Add a side caesar salad and a glass of Chardonnay - you've won my heart :)

Friends & Family

I've been loving all the friends and family time I've gotten lately! 

I've made a few new girlfriends here in Paducah and I couldn't be happier to expand my network of gal pals! There are few things better than spending some down time with your girls. I have a few fun trips planned with this group here in the next few months and I cannot wait.

About two weeks ago, I took the trip over to Missouri to celebrate my Grandma's book signing! (Yes! My sweet Grandma wrote a book :). (Grab your copy by clicking here!) While I was there I got to spend some time with my sweet cousins. Being an only child I live for the times I get to spend with my cousins - they're like my family! 


As you all know, I'm quite the lover of EDM.

This all started with the Chainsmokers. While they definitely remain my favorite band, I have expanded lately to see what else is out there in the the realm of EDM. Me oh my have I been pleasantly surprised with all that I've found lately! This song above is probably one of my top favorites. It's a great listen if you're needing a little pump up! 


Have you ever read a quote that's more true than this??

As someone who has a creative mind, my thoughts are constantly swirling with the new ideas. It's fun to me creating everything from styled looks to collaboration ideas with locals in the area. Having this ideas run through your head is just one step in the process though. Taking the action is a whole other realm.

That's where the hustle comes in. 

You've gotta put the hustle in for all things you want in life - a thriving career, a healthy body and even relationships. Hence - good things happen to those who hustle. It is a Monday so let's get out there and start the week off with a bang! 

Shall we?!

Sunsets at The English

With each passing day, I fall more and more in love… With my apartment. 

It's true! The view I have of my darling little street is one of my happy places. On Saturday mornings, it's one of my favorite things to sit on my couch sipping coffee and watching the cars pass by. It's the simple things in life, y'all! 

As someone who works from home, I try to sneak a glimpse as the sun sets from my office desk. 
It's beautiful, as you can tell! 


Now I realize this isn't quite a sale. It's just a drug store steal! 

I've been trying out different foundations lately and this one takes the cake. It gives me full coverage without feeling too caked on. Isn't that one of the worst feelings? Caked on makeup? I don't like to feel like I'm dripping in the stuff. That's why I fell in love with this! 

Plus who could hate it's price tag?!
A win, win.


I live for chic fashion accessories.

As soon as I laid eyes on this bag, I knew I had to have it. This is such a timeless bag that I know I'll be able to carry for years to come. Plus, you can add a scarf (as seen above) or a pom pom and it takes on a whole new look. Don't be surprised if you see me toting this bag around here in a few weeks! ;)

Matcha Lemonade

It's lemonade time in Paducah! 

I know we're still experiencing a few winter weather days but my mind is on that sunshine, y'all! One of my favorite things about warmer weather are the yummy drinks that come along with it. It didn't take much convincing to give their matcha lemonade a try.

(If there's match in it, it's healthy right?! Right ;).)

If you're popping over there for a drink soon, definitely give this one a try. It's absolutely delicious! 


Oh my goodness, I cannot gush about this candle enough! 

I've been a fan of the Rewined candle line for a while now. Normally my go to scent is their rosé candle. (I'd be ashamed to tell you how many of these candles I've gone through. It's way, way too many.)

For Valentine's Day, my Dad and his girlfriend got me this candle and I just love it. The scent is perfection. Plus it's a great week day alternative to sipping on a mimosa ;)

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