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Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

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Here in Paducah, we're leading into spring break week.

I'm actually heading out to the beach this Friday so I have travel essentials on the brain! Here in the next few days, I'll be packing up my suitcases for a few days of sun and sand. When I was thinking about what all I would be packing for this getaway, I thought it might be fun to share my packing process with you all. 

When I leave the house for a trip, there are several "go to's" that I always make sure to grab. Today I've rounded up a few of those for you all to look over below. Enjoy! 

{ one }


Let's face it - whether your traveling by car or by plane, at one point or another the temperature is less than comfortable. In order to keep the rest of your travel companions happy, the best way to handle this is to have a blanket on hand. Plus it doubles as a comfort from home when you arrive to your destination!

{ two } 


What's a vacation without your favorite pair of sunnies?! Even if your destination isn't the sun and the sand, it's always a must to have those sunnies to protect ya. Not to mention they make the perfect accessory to any outfit! (Maybe even bring two, three, four… Five pairs? Is that too many? It's not in my book!)

{ three }

comfortable shoes

Whether you're in and out of the car or rushing through the airport, is there anything more important than a comfortable pair of shoes?? Trust me on this one. Even though your look may be a little more with that pair of wedges, you will undoubtable start to regret that shoe choice after time passes.

{ four }

carry on luggage

What's better than a cute piece of luggage? To me, that's like the icing on the cake for a fun trip. A couple of years ago, I invested in a matching big and little hardback suitcases and I never looked back. When you're leaving for a trip, there's already a ton of excitement swirling but now that I have cute suitcases to boot - it just makes it that much better! Definitely recommend :)

{ five }


There's something about long road trips or plane rides that get my creative ideas flowing. I have taken trips in the past where I didn't bring along a notebook to jot down those ideas as they came to me and my, oh my was I disappointed! I always make sure I have at least something to jot down those ideas as they come to me. (Lots of Chic + Shimmer material has come to you from these trips!)

{ six }


This goes hand in hand with #5 - many of my creative ideas flow to me on trips and the music I listen to often fuels those thoughts to come forth. I never leave the house even for a small trip without my headphones. I'll listen to everything from rap to Jimmy Buffet but there's something about the highway passing you by and some good music that relaxes me. Anyone else?! 

{ seven }

water bottle

Ah, yes. The ole trusty water bottle. I try to always bring one in tow whenever I leave the house so that I can fuel on the go. Especially when I'm on road trips I try to balance out the Diet Coke I'll drink. (Eek! I know! It's terrible but I just love this tasty treat.) Bringing a water bottle in tow also makes it easier to tote around whenever I arrive to my destination. (#hydrationstation)

{ eight }

healthy snacks

Gas station snacks are absolutely delicious - don't get me wrong. But nearly all of the snacks there are full of empty calories, tons of sugar and a day's worth of sodium. Not what you want when you're leading into a vacation! You can easily avoid this type of gluttony by packing some nutritious snacks for the road! 

{ nine }

hand cream

It's no secret that traveling takes it out of your body. No, I don't just mean energy levels. That goes for your skin's moisture as well! What's the best way to combat this? Keep some hand cream in tow! This way you'll be sure to have a solution right there at your finger tips (no pun intended ;).

{ ten }

lip balm

As I said, it's no secret that traveling takes it out of you. This rings true for your lips as well! I'm sure all of you ladies have fun outfits planned for your getaways and with those outfits - beautiful lipsticks to pair. There's one sure way to keep those lips from being as luscious as possible and that's letting your lip care routine fall by the lakeside. Don't do it, don't do it! Keep some lip balm handy to keep that kind of an issue from occurring. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Hopefully if you're off on a trip soon, these essentials will help ya out ;)

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  1. That is nice and tidy list of all the things that can come in handy during any travel. The thing I most liked about the post is that it shortlists only important things.