Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Winery Wednesday

This past weekend, I spent Saturday afternoon with a few of my girlfriends sipping wine at Cache River Basin Vineyard & Winery. One of my friends had heard about the #SaturdayFunday that you could fly around the vineyard for $50! What a deal, right?! It ended up being a perfect afternoon for just that - sunny without a cloud in the sky. Perfection! 

When we first arrived, the girls decided to split a bottle of wine. In the discussion about what to order, I mentioned that I loved a dry white but the gals I was with love a sweeter wine. Lucky for us we found the perfect compromise! We ordered a bottle of their Star Night Bright (only $12 a bottle at the table! Three cheers for that!). It was a drier white with a hint of sweetness to it which Olivia and Justine loved. Everyone was happy! :)

While we were gathered around the table, we also placed an order for a spinach and artichoke dip. This was delicious! The only thing I will say on these is that the chips that come with the dip are homemade and very greasy. It was tasty without a doubt - but beware if you have a sensitive stomach or are watching what you eat. Later on in the afternoon, we ordered a pepperoni pizza which came out fairly generic. (Maybe the two new speciality pizza places in Paducah are spoiling me! ;)

After we all had our start of wine and food, we hopped on the helicopter. We had to take two different flights because of how many people that it would hold but my, oh my was it worth the wait! What a fun day in the air. It was my first experience in a helicopter and I already can't wait to go again! The cost was $50 for a 15 minute ride around the area. Well worth it in my eyes! Thank you to Steven Aircraft Solutions for the wonderful afternoon! 

Once we got back to the table, we sat around chatting for a while and sipped on some more wine. On the next bottle, the girls opted for a sweeter option in the Swamp Water. They swear that you should not let the name detour you! I am not a sweet wine drinker so I can't attest to that but they said it was quite tasty! I'll take your word on it as I sip my Chardonnay, ladies! ;)

All in all, we had a great afternoon. This excursion definitely made for a fun weekend.
If you have the chance, I'd definitely utilize the winery as well as the helicopter ride! 

Thanks so much for stopping by :)

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  1. You guys look like you had a nice little adventure in the air haha. I've always wanted to try this, maybe next month. And I love the shades you guys are wearing.