Monday, June 18, 2018

5 Items You Need This Summer

1. Bandana

Ah, the bandana 😍. This is my favorite way to make a more casual look out of an otherwise dressy one. Also it's super chic, is it not!? I've styled it here tied around my neck but there are oh so many ways to put a look together with this accessory. (A post on that to come!)

I got this particular one from a 3 piece set off of Nordstrom. Unfortunately those are all sold out now 🙁. Lucky for you I was able to find two other (affordable) options for you to choose from. 

Bandana (Less Than $10!) // Bandana

2. White Jeans

Oh, my dear sweet white jeans. I wear this babies out in the summertime (well really all year long if I'm being honest 😂). I'll whip them out more frequently in the spring and all the time come summer. 

Above I've included a few shots from a trip of mine to Cincinnati this past spring. It's actually the same outfit 😂  I had just thrown on a jean jacket when we stepped out on the rooftop bar. Even in late April there can still be a chill in the air! 

White Jeans (Save) // White Jeans (Splurge)

3. Palm Leaf Print 

This isn't exclusive to just summertime but palm trees are in - in a big way. Everything from rompers to iPhone cases, you see them everywhere! 

I've been hooked from day one. Now that this trend has exploded, there are all kinds of options on how to incorporate it no matter what your style is. In the picture above, I'm rocking a romper. Another way I've loved to see it is in a heeled sandal. Shop all kinds here below 👇.

Palm Leaf Sandals // Palm Leaf Shift Dressicon // Palm Leaf Phone Case // Palm Leaf Dressicon // Palm Leaf Romper

4. Silk Scarf

I've had a love affair with silk scarves since day one. It's probably one of my favorite accessories if I'm being honest. (I'm fairly certain that I own more scarves than I do necklaces believe it or not 😱). Much like the bandana, there are countless ways to rock this accessory.

In the picture on the left, I have it tied up a little below my neckline. That is probably my most frequently styled look with a scarf. However, I've noticed little Miss Madi Messer of Sweet Tea with Madi styling her silk scarves as a bandeau as of lately. I have to say I completely adore this look 😍. I've yet to rock this style myself so I added a little style inspiration from Pinterest for your viewing pleasure. 

Silk Scarf (Less Than $50!) // Silk Scarf (Less Than $50!)icon // Silk Scarficon // Silk Scarf (Less Than $40!)

5. Little White Dress

We've all heard about how it's absolutely essential to have a little black dress but what about the unsung hero!? A little white dress for the summertime.

I love this closet staple for the same reason I love little black dresses (LBD if you will). Depending on what jewelry, scarves (or bandanas! ☝) or bags you thrown on with the dress - it can be an entirely new look! I styled this look for a brunch so it's on the preppier side of things. 

However, a LWD would be absolute perfection for a 4th of July look. Anyone already planning out their Boomerang with a sparkler in hand!? 😆
Fit & Flare White Dressicon // White Lace Midi Dressicon // White Lace Off The Shoulder Dress // White Lace Halter Midi Dress

Hopefully this post helps guide you through your summer shopping! There are all kinds of fun trends to try out for summer 2018 😉. 

Thank you all for stopping by today! Let's get this week started off on the right foot 😊. It's my birthday week, y'all! Make sure to follow along over on Instagram - I have quite the jam packed schedule this week. 

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