Monday, June 11, 2018

F.A.C.E.: Photoshoot Makeup

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You all may remember this past week, I mentioned two of my favorite ladies here in Paducah. I collaborate with these two quite often and love gushing about them every chance that I can! Lucky for me, on our last shoot day, Rachael snapped a few photos of Erin doing her makeup magic.

Is she not the most talented woman?!

Over the years, she's put together all kinds of different looks for me depending on the outfit I've put together (check those out hereherehereherehereheeere AND - most recently - here). Okay so we've had more than our fair share of styled shoots 😅. I told y'all that I loved working with her! 

I'll be honest that until I met her, I was very generic with what I did with my makeup. I rarely colored outside of the lines but now, because of her influence, I've seen how a little variation can do a look some good.

Two of the greatest makeup tips I learned from Erin pertained to eyeshadow as well as blush/bronzer. You'll notice in the picture below that Erin does a fabulous job of layering a darker eyeshadow on the crease of your eye lid partnered with a lighter shade on the lid itself - it makes your eyes pop. This detail can be done at home with any eyeshadow pallet. If you're interested in getting this exact pallet, swing by Erin's studio here in Paducah! 😌

As I mentioned, the second makeup tip I've gathered from Erin was in reference to my blush/bronzer application. I would say about 80% of the time, I use bronzer rather than blush. As you can tell from the look of this outfit, it pretty much demands a blush 😃. 

You'll notice she's applied right under the cheek bone and up towards the hairline. The majority of the blush was applied at the biggest part of the cheekbone and disperses from there. Make sure it's blended when you complete application! Then you'll be absolute perfection 👌.

Interested in having your own personalized session with Erin?! 
I've included her info right here 👇 for you to be able to get ahold of her!


If you're in the area (or close by!) make sure to reach out to this little mamacita 💃. She is open for a little travel now and again 😉 her Instagram tells that tale for you!

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