Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Personalized Jewelry

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For those of you who have been following along with me for a while, you know that I have a few pieces of jewelry that I wear almost daily. The three pieces that you see above are in rotation.

My obsession with personalized jewelry began while I was in college. At that point, it was really just having delicate necklaces with the letter "K" incorporated within them. It wasn't until after college, when I really found who I wanted to be as a person, that I truly fell in love with personalized jewelry.

At that point in time, I started with this way oversized monogram necklace 😆. Many bloggers who have walked before me rock this necklace allll the time so I'm sure you've seen this a time (or 300 😉). 

The creation of this necklace is really what drew me in. I obviously love the personal touch of having my own personal monogram written across the plates but the cursive script is absolutely beautiful to me!

Following that monogram necklace, came my name necklace inspired after the beautiful "Carrie Necklace" that Miss Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex & The City. 

This necklace was brought on to the scene at a time in my life when I was taking some time to enjoy the single life and figure out who I wanted to be (and what kind of person I'd like to walk that walk with me). A Carrie Bradshaw in the sense that I had my own darling one bedroom apartment, a solid group of gals, and a career I love - sans the many, many men that Carrie encountered 😜😊. 

All that being said, I treasure this necklace for walking through the good times and the bad of that. It ain't easy figuring yourself out! But I know that when my 30's roll in, I'll be glad that I took that time for myself. And I'll be stronger for it. 


Last but certainly not least is my roman numeral bar necklace. This very special piece of jewelry is a recent addition. Two of my best gal pals thought of this for my 26th birthday present this past weekend 😍. Is that not the most thoughtful gift!? Ugh. They're the best

I should explain the meaning behind this one ☝. The date of that roman numeral mix is the date of my blog's relaunch. They thought of that all by themselves, y'all. My heart could barely handle how sweet that gesture was. 

Although this is a very recent addition, the last few times I've worn it, I've paired it with my "Kathryn" necklace. I feel like wearing these two necklaces in combination really reminds me of the person I'm striving to be. After all, those necklaces are plastered right across my neckline the whole day - I need to be doing that name some good! 😊

Well, that about wraps it up! 

Now the next time you see me wearing one of these three pieces of jewelry, you'll know a little bit of history behind them. They're truly so very special to me. Pieces of jewelry I'll have for many years to come. 

Thank you all for stopping by! I'll see you back here on Friday morning.

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