Monday, July 23, 2018

Chicago Review

Hey y'all! Happy Monday 🌞

Phew it was quite the fun filled weekend for me. I spent the last few days tucked away with my family in Missouri. It was such a refreshing weekend to lay back with a few of the people I love the most 😊. We're all pretty close knit so we always treasure moments that we can spend together!

Along that same line of thought, a few weeks back my mom's side of the family took a trip up to Michigan City, Indiana (you can find a post about that here). One of the days that we were there, my mom I ventured over to Chicago to spend the day. We had the best time just the two of us girls! 

We got in to the city around 10:30 that day which was perfect for taking a little stroll over to Giordanos for some pizza. This is definitely a classic over in Chicago. Everyone has their opinion on who has the best Chicago style pizza but in my opinion - it's all delicious 😆. You can't go wrong! 

After we wrapped up lunch, we walked down to the river to catch our river boat tour. This was a new experience for me and I absolutely loved it. Seeing all of the sights from the beautiful waterway was such a cool way to spend the afternoon. It was a little toasty up there I won't lie. But the tour was stocked with a bar on the first level! You should definitely take full advantage of that feature 😉.

The tour from start to finish took a good hour and a half. After we stepped off the boat, we took off on foot down to Millennium Park. My mom had never been over there so it was on her to do list to see "The Bean". We stopped for a bit in the park to take in the afternoon and enjoy some water to try and cool off. 

Once we had our fill of the park, we took off on foot again to the champagne bar 😍. This was a spot that was on the very top of my to do list. What gal doesn't love a bubbling glass of champagne!? While we were there, I started to get a little hungry and scoured the menu for what to nibble on. To my surprise, they had oysters on the menu!

I started off by only ordering a half dozen. Once I started to dive in, I realized that this half dozen just was not going to cut it 😂. They were deliciiious, y'all. Oh my gosh. If you go, you have got to order yourself some. I promise you that you will not regret it! 

Where We Ate:
Pops for Champagne

What We Did:
Explored Millenium Park
Took a Boat Tour

This wrapped up our fun-filled day in ole Chicago! We had such a blast. If you're headed that way in the future, make sure to check out the spots we enjoyed!

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