Wednesday, July 11, 2018

{Shady Creek} Winery Wednesday

Happy Winesday Wednesday, y'all! 🍷

As I mentioned in my post on Monday (and from what you may have seen on my Instagram stories), I spent this past week up in Michigan City, Indiana with my mom's side of the family. We take a trip every summer together and this year's was absolutely breathtaking! 😍

On Thursday of that week, we decided it was a perfect day to spend the day at the winery. There are several in the vicinity of where we were staying but this one was the closest 😊. Plus as an added bonus (to me at least!) they had a tasty looking menu! They had everything from thin crust pizza to baked brie (both are favorites of mine!). 😋

When we walked in, we immediately gathered around for a wine tasting. 

Something to note if it's of interest to you ☝ the winery does offer a private tasting if you have groups of eight or more. The price of a private tasting versus the regular (public) tasting is $15 as opposed to the normal $10. Truly it isn't too bad at all! Plus who doesn't love that more intimate setting where you can ask questions if they arise!?

On this particular day, we decided to opt for just the classic tasting - it did not disappoint! (Plus as an added bonus, they gave us animal crackers as a pallet cleanser 😜). We had the opportunity to choose from 21 different wines on their menu. You'll receive six different wines to taste for just $10 😱. Not too shabby if you ask me!

The six I tried were as follows ↡

Seyval Blanc
Pinto Grigio
Rip Tide
Beach Glass
Petite Syrah
Pink Sky

While each and every one of these was tasty, without a doubt my favorite was the Seyval Blanc. Mm - I'd love to be sipping a glass as I write this to you today! 😆  To give you all a little insight in to what my taste of wine is, generally my favorite wine is a Chardonnay. I'm drawn towards a dry white and the serval blanc spoke to that 👌.

If you're in the Michigan City area, this is definitely needs to be a spot for you. Like I mentioned above, not only are they a winery but they also offer a fairly wide spread of food options! (Get the baked brie - it's a must 😍)

Shady Creek Winery

2030 Tyron Road
Michigan City, IN 46360



Cheers to your own #WinesdayWednesday, everyone!
See you all back here on Friday morning for a very summery look 🍋🍋🍋

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